African Forest

What we do

Planet Postive forestry

Planet Positive Forestry involves planting a mixture of indigenous and exotic trees, to create a bio-diverse forest. These are intercropped with food and other crops years 1-4 and then generate exotic timber and charcoal revenues from year 4.

Sustainable charcoal

We have our first two brick kilns commissioned for sustainable charcoal production from coppiced Leleshwa, Euclea and prunings of Acacia.

The African Forest Trust Fund

The African Forest Trust Fund was established in 2009 as a not-for-profit arm of African Forest with the aim of furthering scientific research into agro-forestry and holistic forest management

Forest Establishment & Mangement

African Forest can replicate its forestry model and manage it for you on your land, if your organization has land available, thus directly improving your local community relations.

About Us

African Forest is a holistic agro-forestry social enterprise,founded in 2006 and based on the edge of Soysambu Conservancy,a 22,000ha ranch surrounding Lake Elmenteita, in the Rift Valley. African Forest has a 60 ha plot on the ranch, where they have an indigenous organic tree nursery, seed centre and trial plantations of Planet Positive Forestry. They also produce and promote, in conjunction with the local communities, sustainable NTFP's (non-timber forest products) including herbal medicines. Services include plantation establishment and management, reforestation and sustainable development planning and implementation, as well as assistance in raising green finance


African Forest is nothing without this great members.The founding directors
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Kenya Mutiso

Founding Director
Founding Director African forest, Best Environmental Conservationist in Nakuru County
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Helen Thornton-Mutiso

Founding Director
Founding Director African forest. Environmental Conservationist
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Justin Mayhew

Associate Director Uganda
Associate Director African forest, Based in Uganda
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Robert Mutuma Njeru

Indigenous Tree & Medicine Specialist
HSC, Director Kenya Water Towers Agency