In order for forestry to be sustainable in a world of rapid population growth and increasing demand on scarce resources, African Forest believes that a new holistic approach need to be taken. This means incorporating the requirements of the communities and the environment together with bio-diversity and conservation needs in any given area. In addition it means ensuring that the whole project starts to generate income from a very early stage, both for investors and community .This is done through 'value added' forestry, through inter-cropping and through the production and marketing of forest and forest-related products, including carbon credits, medicinal products, bio- diesel, honey and butterfly farming. African Forest will make well managed and profitable holistic agro-forestry accessible to our investment customers, who do not have the expertise or resources to invest directly in it themselves. It is anticipated that our eco-business will generate attractive returns, and we believe that this is a unique opportunity in Kenya to be part of a sustainable social enterprise that will bring lasting improvements to the environment, society and economy of the areas that we work in.