We have over sixty different species of indigenous tree. We focus on growing trees that have multiple uses, e.g., timber, medicine, foodstuff, dye, fibre and environmental uses. We grow trees suitable for all the different altitudes and agro-climatic zones of Kenya.


All of our trees are grown from certified seed or wildings, without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilizers, just virgin soil, organic manure, and natural pesticides from plants, and watered with natural spring water. They are initially grown in natural shade, then in full sun. This make them very hardy, so the loss rate on planting out is very low. We are applying for organic certificate, and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accreditation.


We will have a ready – to – plant stock of over half a million seedlings, with up to a hundred-different species, including some selected exotics, allowing us to fulfil orders throughout Kenya. In addition we have enough capacity to produce pre-orders of a single tree up to 50 million in any planting season, for all your plantation, CSR or carbon offset requirements.


We are passionate about trees and we have a wealth of knowledge and research on most of Kenya’s indigenous trees, including the best trees for different areas, and their many possible uses. Please contact us via email, or visit our website, for information and our latest stock and price list. Or just come and visit us at nursery.