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African Forest

Founded in 2006, African Forest is a holistic agro-forestry social enterprise, based on the edge of the Soysambu conservancy in the Rift Valley. Our 60 hectare plot gives African Forest enough acreage to grow an indigenous tree nursery, trail plantations of Planet Positive Forestry and our seed centre. African Forests also produce and promote, in conjunction with local communities, sustainable Non-timber forest products.

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Environmental, Social and Governance Compliance

It is becoming apparent that corporations and parastatals in both private and public sectors must be conscientiously GREEN in everything they do. African forest can help you and your organisation meet your sustainability goals using African forest’s Planet positive formula.

Slide 3 - Global Tree Campaign
Global Tree Campaign

Since 2019 African forest has been working tirelessly on rescuing endemic endangered indigenous trees as part of the Global Tree Campaign. We need your help to continue locating, protecting and nurturing these endangered tree species.

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What we do

Seedlings in African Forest's Tree Nursery

Tree Nursery

Our nursery focuses on indigenous tree species and we carry a range of up to 80 different tree species. All our trees are grown organically using sustainable agricultural methods.

Non-Timber Forest Products

We at African Forest research and develop a wide range of non-timber forest products in conjunction with local communities. These include natural medicines, foodstuffs, skincare products, bee products and more

Food forest

Sustainable Agriculture Techniques and Training

African Forests utilises a variety of sustainable agriculture techniques within our own organisation and offers training and establishment services, such as bio-char, vermiculture and use of natural pesticides.

Forestry Services

African Forest offers a range of forest establishment and forest management services, we primarily use our Planet Positive Forestry methodology. This innovative model allows for rapid re-creation of closed-canopy indigenous forests and can generate revenues close to those of plantation forestry.

Example of a forest being grown by African Forest