Spend your gap year in magical Kenya

“I never knew of a morning where I woke up in Africa that I was not happy” – Ernest Hemmingway

Would you like to join us at African Forest?

Karibu! Your gap year is a once in a life time opportunity to take some time out and learn about Kenyan cultures, explore our beautiful land and experience Africa as one of our people. The saying that Africa gets under your skin could not be more true. We are based in Soysambu, overlooking Lake Elementiatia with an abundance of wildlife with flora and fauna . Nakuru National Park is only 1 hour away and Sosysambu Conservancy on your doorstep, you will never run out of places to explore and experiences to create memories to last a life time

We tailor our programme to your interests and skills you would like to learn. Whether it be nursery establishment, permaculture or eco building we have something to suit everyone.

At African Forest we offer:

  • Forest survival by foraging for medicinal and edible plants
  • Discover the skills of beekeeping and honey collection
  • Build traditional ovens and ways to make eco friendly charcoal and clay bricks and learn eco building techniques
  • See how the forest is nurtured from seedlings in our nursery and greenhouse, to the planting, growth and watering of new trees.
  • Get hands on with the preparation of seedbeds, potting making compost and collecting wood for charcoal

Come away with a real idea of what vermiculture means and how to identify indigenous trees and plants from expert botanists leading the quest for conservation, as well as a sense of the culture of this very special area of Kenya’s Rift Valley.

In between your vital work at African Forest HQ, you will have the chance to explore the Soysambu Conservancy, taking in the breathtaking views and sunsets, with walking safaris, visits to Lake Elementitia, bird watching and experience the rich local culture and traditions, even shop at a nearby ‘Mitumaba’ market and pick up some Kiswahili, the beautiful national language of Kenya.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to find out more about our programmes and lets start planning your adventure today!