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Forests in Africa fulfil many roles. They provide renewable raw materials and energy, they help to maintain biological diversity, protect land and water resources, provide recreation facilities and improve air quality.

In combating climate change, forests have been solid contributors to the mitigation of this global threat. They regulate ecosystems, protect biodiversity and play an integral part in the carbon cycle. 

Global Tree Campaign

Since 2019 African forest has been working tirelessly on rescuing endemic endangered indigenous trees as part of the Global Tree Campaign, which is dedicated to saving the world’s threatened tree and shrub species. 

To date, African Forest has been working in Kwale County mapping endemic, threatened and endangered trees and shrubs found in the Shimba Hills. So far we have successfully geotagged, harvested cuttings and propagated seeds and have been able to grow 2000 seedlings.

By donating you help African Forest continue to find, protect and propagate endangered tree species.

Leave your Mark,

grow a tree

African forest has been working tirelessly on rescuing endemic endangered indigenous trees. Over the last three years, we have successfully geotagged, harvested seeds and propagated saplings. So far we have found seven vulnerable and two critically endangered tree species on the IUCN red list in Shimba hills forest reserve and adjacent forest blocks.

African Forest has created sanctuaries for endangered and at-risk tree species in various locations and continues to nurture and care for the seedlings.

Partner with African forest in encouraging everyone to save endangered trees in Kenya through our leave your mark, grow a tree initiative. All donations go towards the upkeep and growing of an endangered tree. As a donor, you will get a certificate and a yearly update on how your tree is doing.

Grow a Forest,

leave a legacy

African Forest focuses on reducing carbon emissions, building sustainable forests, reforestation and educating communities in sustainable agroforestry.  Join us in contributing to the overall well-being of the planet by leaving a living legacy forest. 

Celebrate a significant occasion by gifting a tree or trees as part of our Grow a forest, leave a legacy campaign.  Your trees will be propagated, grown and nurtured at our Soysambu site, you can gift a tree for any type of celebration or occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, seasonal holidays and as a living memorial. 

Grow a hectare

African forest will fence, plant and grow  3,600 indigenous trees on multiples of one hectare of land on Soysambu estate, in the heart of Kenya, near Lake Elmentaita. African Forest will maintain and grow a forest for you to sponsor therefore earning your company the right to wear the planet-positive logo and taking you, your employees and the company closer to becoming ESG compliant. 

This is a three-year program, after which the trees become self-sustaining. Then you can move on to plant more with African Forest.  The financial outlay for the three-year project for one hectare is kshs 820,000 per year. Our natural water supply means we can start to prepare and plant whenever your company is ready to begin. 

Why you should partner

with African Forest

Forest management: 

Unlike other environmental tree planting models, where up to 90% of trees don’t survive, African Forest eco-projects will fence, prepare, nurture, grow, water and protect all the seedlings and saplings, allowing them to achieve their full potential.


After three years African Forest the forest will have become self-sustaining and continue to grow and provide for the surrounding community through non-timber products and sustainable agro-products. 


As a sponsor or donor of a seedling/tree/forest/hectare, you will receive a certificate, the knowledge that your donation is having a direct impact. African Forest will keep you updated on your trees. If you are based or visiting in Kenya you will be able to visit and enjoy days out in our forest.