African Forest Projects

African Forest has been promoting sustainable holistic agroforestry since 2006, we are committed to helping communities benefit from forests.

Tree Nursery

Our indigenous tree nursery has over 80 different tree species, all grown organically using sustainable agricultural techniques and in a variety of sizes from small seedlings, ceremonial saplings and landscaping trees up to three meters tall. We can also grow larger trees to order. 

African Forest is also on hand to advise you on which tree species will thrive in your area and how to care and nurture for the seedlings. 

Send us an email for more information or stop by for a guided nursery tour.

Non-Timber Products

African Forest generates many Non-Timber Forest Products from indigenous trees, we believe that if communities derive a good income stream from the forests, then the community will protect and nurture the forest. There are a huge variety of products that can be derived directly from trees, and a number of complementary income-generating activities that can also be done in the forest. 

Many indigenous trees provide medicines, foodstuffs, gums, resins, tannins, dyes, oils, fibres, and seeds and can host a variety of forest-based activities such as bee-keeping, butterfly, and moth raising, and intercropping of shade-loving crops such as coffee, vanilla, and cocoa. 

send us an email to order some sustainable and ethically sourced non-timber products.

Training Sustainable Agriculture Techniques

At African Forest, we utilize a variety of sustainable agricultural techniques within our nursery and forests.

We offer training to NGOs, government institutions, community-based organizations and more in bio-char, vermiculture, and the use of natural pesticides as well as training in nursery management, seed collection and propagation, non-timber product production and forestry management.

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Forestry Services

African Forest offers a range of forest establishment, forestry assessments and forest management plans.

We help landowners grow sustainable forests for profit, for the love of nature, for carbon credits and for landscape restoration of ecosystems by using our Planet Positive Forest methodology. This innovative model allows for the rapid re-creation of closed-canopy indigenous forests and can generate revenues close to those of plantation forestry.

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